Self confidence – How to increase it? Quick tips for an easy and early start

Self confidence – How to increase it? Quick tips for an easy and early start

July 14, 2018 0 By TWV Desk

One of the best accessories a man can have or the best jewellery a woman can wear is his/her self-confidence. Everybody wishes to have a little bit more self-confidence. Everyone wants to increase self-confidence!

You often think this is elusive or is something you are not destined to have or maybe you are plain unlucky in various situations. Questions often pop up in your mind – Is confidence so rare? Why don’t I have it? Can I ever get it?
There is a good news. Of course, you can. Here we will provide some tips that will instantly increase your self-confidence in life in general. In this article, we will start at a very basic level. This is aimed to help all those who have till now felt miserable in their life due to lack of confidence. So, let’s get started!
Let us not try to get literal meaning of confidence because we all know it, we feel what it is. And we know we want it, we want the damn thing bad!
One thing you should know, by not being naturally confident you are not actually deprived of anything. Often, less confident people tend to think a lot. Look at it positivelytend to think a lot – this means you are thoughtful. You tend to weigh the pros and cons. You care about others, hence you think more, albeit little more.
Less confident people tend to value others opinions more. Again look at it positively, can’t it be good? The world already has too many hooligans who only want their way or highway. If you are one person who values others, tries to listen to others it might be a good thing!
Less confident people often have a sense of self-doubt. But again, look at it positively, this means you are not a brash, not bully, not a phoney and not an overconfident person, you are just not sure, albeit a little bit more. So, what is the takeaway? You actually have some qualities (maybe you are overdoing it a little), but you also do not have many bad qualities which otherwise would have hurt others.
This is the first and most important tip – Look at it positively. From this instant, look at your ‘shortcomings’ positively. Whenever you have self-doubt, look at it positively. Just remember these words, “Look at it positively”. Utter them whenever you feel bad or low. Rest will be taken care.
With this first mantra, let us see some more real habits that will boost your confidence.

Improve your grooming

Confidence has everything to do with you. It starts and ends with you! For you to feel better is of prime importance. Having a regular and good grooming routine is a sure shot way to make yourself feel better. Have a good haircut regularly, for men keep appropriate facial hair based on your style, have a good routine for your skin, wash and iron your clothes regularly, keep your footwear clean and make sure you smell good. Start it tomorrow. Or at least start to plan from now, this very instant. Notice that you are already feeling inspired, good and confident!

The world does not give a damn

This is one more stellar mantra! Repeat it before you start your day! It is needed because you have thought too much about the world until now. Truth is – the world and its people do not have the time and energy to notice you so much as you think! Do you have a bad hair day? Did you trip today on the floor? Did you stammer one word? Did you get nervous today in front of your crush? Nothing matters, no one will remember unless you hold on to it. Just smile, utter in mind ‘world does not give a damn’ and move on!!

Dress to kill

Now that you have given attention to your personal grooming and are feeling good from inside and you believe the world does not give a damn….YOU ARE READY TO DRESS TO KILL. Never blindly follow others’ style. Have your own style. Does not matter if you wear formals, casuals or even a dhoti! All that matters is they are clean, crisp and YOU love them! Nothing else matters. So, go ahead bring out what you like, prepare it nice and dress to kill. Never compromise on your dressing when you start the day. If you have always wanted wear something but did not do because what will others think, now is the time, bring it out, wear with pride and say ‘world does not give a damn!’

Focus on what is your opinion and why

This is the next big step in your internal growth. With the above steps, your basic external aspects are taken care. Now, you are not bogged down with what the world will think. So, what’s next? The next step to increase your self-confidence is to focus on your thoughts. What does it mean? It means, in everything around you, when you try to form an opinion – take a pause, try to articulate your opinion clearly, try to understand clearly ‘what is your opinion’. Are we clear here? Once you have thought it out clearly what is your stand, now find 3-4 reasons why you believe you may be right! For everything around you, follow this approach. Right from what should be in dinner tonight to what should the Prime minister do!! The key is to have your own opinion and have reasons to have that opinion.

Remember, you may be wrong. But that comes later. To be wrong, someone should present you facts which negate you. If they sound convincing, it’s ok, you may change your opinion. But if you are not convinced, respect their thoughts, but stand your ground. Do not fight, feel bad or angry because no one is all enlightened, neither you nor the other person. You just have different opinions, which is ok.

Invest in your growth

Even the most outstanding persons feel miserable if they stop growing. You are no different. So, look forward to what you always wanted to learn. A new skill? A new hobby? A new language? A new standard of fitness? A new job? Just go for it. Do not waste time thinking. Get yourself a feasible course or trainer and start it. Work on what you wanted. Make a plan and stick to it. Even if you make gradual, slow progress does not matter. Progress is what matters. Initially, it is natural you may not want to tell others about your new initiative. That’s ok! When you acquire the skill, people will see it automatically.
However small is the step but take the step.

Help others

There are many times when you will find chances to do small things for others. Like, holding the lift, guiding the paths or helping with small things at work or studies. Don’t shy away, start with small. You will feel better, your confidence will go up. Volunteer by yourself for various activities, just be a part of the team. Remember whether you do well or not does not matter. All that matters is you should enjoy and add value.
These are just a few steps that you could take from tomorrow itself. These will for sure restructure your mental beliefs towards more positive ones and thus increase your self-confidence. While there are many more intricate ways to outgrow yourself but starting the journey is the toughest. So, we aim to simplify for you to start the journey. Follow the steps and they will increase your self-confidence.
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