Improve spoken English at home!! – 8 practical tips

Improve spoken English at home!! – 8 practical tips

July 10, 2018 0 By TWV Desk

At the outset, it should be clarified that English is not our mother tongue. So, it should not be expected from us – Indians that we should know it right from childhood. If someone does not know or is not fluent in English, there is no shame in it!

With this important disclaimer, let’s start to explore why you should follow this article. How you can improve your spoken English right from your home.

Though English is not our first language, it is one of the most widespread languages used across the world. Most of the corporates use English as their official language to communicate. As a result, having a good and proficient working knowledge of English becomes a must. In India as well, apart from Hindi, English is a common language that is spoken across the country, it is also an official language in administration, all the exams, textbooks etc. Hence, English becomes inevitable! So, the bottom line is there is no shame if you do not know English well or are not fluent at it, but it is just another skill that helps you in a big way in various aspects of daily lives because currently, it is the most widely used language.

In this article, we want to focus on an important aspect of Spoken English and how you can improve it at home. You can consider it as ‘home remedy’ to speak English fluently! There is nothing more frustrating when you can read English, understand English, know grammatical aspect of it, but when it comes to speaking them fluently with others, your lips are sealed and sweats of embarrassment trickle down your face!

It is one thing to ‘know’ English, it is another to ‘speak’ English.

So, let us focus on a few easy doable steps, which you can undertake from the comfort of your home and improve your English.

1. Do not focus on grammar:  Please note that, grammar is important. But in the initial days, getting hung on grammar may lead to more blockage of language. So, try not to think and just start speaking. Speaking in short sentences and just speaking helps. This will help you to get out of your discomfort and start out!

2. Short and slow: When you start initially, start with short sentences. Start to convert simple conversations into English and speak them up. For example – May I come in? , Can I have a coffee? How are you? I am doing well. Hope you are doing well. Speak slowly. This is not a tip for the beginners but for everyone. Even if you speak English well, but speaking slow with pauses in a calm composure take you a long way! Other benefits of slow talking will be brought in a separate post. When you talk slow, you can come up with correct & better sentences!

3. Watch and listen to sports and NEWS commentary: Most of us are big fans of sports. When you watch sports, watch it in English commentary loudly. Follow what they are saying. It will not only make your sports more enjoyable but you will absorb the style of speaking easily. Double benefits – you will enjoy sports better and effortlessly learn speaking styles. In the same way, watch news discussions. These help you to develop perspectives, more resources to think and at the same time absorb the speaking styles in your subconscious mind. You need to do these practice for at least 3 months regularly!

A sports commentary example

A news panel discussion

4. Watch interviews and YouTube videos: If you are a big fan of movies, watch interviews of movie celebrities. If you are a fan of corporate tycoons, listen to their interviews etc. Depending on your interests, watch the interviews of your celebrities. Watch Youtube videos and documentaries on topics you like the most. This will help you absorb the styles of spoken English subconsciously.

5. Think like your idol: Whenever, you are alone, travelling on the bus, train etc. or in the washroom/bathroom or just having a walk, pick a topic in your mind! Speak on that just like your favourite celebrity. Think how your favourite celebrity speaks, imitate him/her in your mind and keep talking. Talk about your dreams, your work, your hobbies, and your imaginary anything. Talk like you are a celebrity giving the interview. Feel like that star and keep speaking in your mind. Soon, when you actually speak to someone, you will be more confident and more fluent!

6. Read out loud: Everyday pick one article from the newspaper, preferably editorials or opinions, and read them loudly. Read them like a news reader. Read them like you are giving a speech. Read them like you are giving a keynote address. Do not bother if you are understanding or not, keep reading. Whatever you understand, be it. Gradually you will improve and understand more. Reading out loud makes your subconscious mind aware of your own sound, aware of the English words and makes you more comfortable. So, when you actually speak, you will face less awkwardness.

7. See yourself in the mirror: This is a more focused technique. Stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. Again, here is the best time when you can select any topic of your choice and speak for 2-3 mins to start with. Look at yourself, gather your thoughts, be calm and speak each line slowly. Practice every day and you will improve a lot.

8. Avoid common mistakes: Once, you are practising these above tips, then gradually focus on a few common mistakes to avoid. These are very small grammatical errors like Where did you went? This is wrong, it should be- Where did you go? Other errors like using too many fillers like you know, mmmm, like like, so, then, etc.

So, these are a few tips that can help you to up your game in terms of spoken English. You could easily practice these at home, at your leisure time and in few weeks you will improve a lot. If you want a detailed conversation and guide, you can reach out to us using our appointment tool.