7 Holiday Dressing Tips for Men – That Take The Stress Out Of Dressing

7 Holiday Dressing Tips for Men – That Take The Stress Out Of Dressing

June 16, 2018 0 By TWV Desk

Holidays are supposed to be chill and worry-free. At the same time, holidays are best enjoyed when you have the right pair of clothes with you that go perfectly with your plans. Strolling on the beaches, riding through mountains, trekking through passes or having a date night with your loved one, with increased awareness of fashion, what you wear and how you wear has become very important. Here are few quick Holiday dressing tips for men which will make sure you look cool as well as stay relaxed!

  • The ‘ever in’ T-shirt – A man’s best friend can be quite a few things, but one thing for sure is T-shirt finds its place quite high. Slip in a cotton T-shirt that you love the most. Right from a plain white T-shirt to super printed and colourful ones, these all are in.

  • Collared Shirts – While there might be some reservations on a collared shirt, but this is one trend that’s definitely in. Pair it with your jeans, Chinos or shorts, both will make you look uber cool.

  • Shorts – The shorts are a great choice for a relaxed vacation. Often in the rush of getting into a vacation and reaching a destination, we tend to miss those pair of shorts. But don’t forget those shorts and enjoy your cool, relaxed vacation

  • White chinos – You wanted to look suave! This is a must. White chinos can me paired anywhere from beaches to deserts. Even better if its linen!

  • Joggers – If you are somewhere around fitness or would like to go out on a jog early in the morning, sure take out those pair of joggers. These are not only comfortable but they provide you with the added motivation and purpose to go out and run just because you have the perfect pair.

  • Brogues – Brogues may sound formal but when worn with chinos and a casual shirt, they have a perfect one to wear during a night out with the boys!

  • Sneakers – When you are walking miles, hopping alleys after alleys, or strolling on a historic city, the walk would be easier with a pair of sneakers and contrast their colours with the shirts. A pair of white sneaker is all time hit!