Build your first resume – Some quick tips to get the job!

Build your first resume – Some quick tips to get the job!

June 17, 2018 1 By TWV Desk

Do you want a job? Do you want an independent life? And a confident life that job gives to you? The answer mostly would be, Hell yeah! But the question is HOW?

This question becomes more important, if you are just a beginner or a fresher, right out of the college. Interestingly as a fresher, you are not expected to know much about real-time job, projects or skills etc. What you need is just a good and effective resume. So, how to build your first resume? How to make it effective so that it lands you in your first job? Don’t worry! Here are few tips that would help you to build your first resume as a fresher!

Short and Crisp

Your resume should be short, concise and without any unnecessary ornamental words. Remember, you are a fresher, take that to your advantage! You just need to talk about your studies and the projects/initiatives you have worked on. Aim to build not more than a 2-page resume. It should all the information relevant to you and what you have done until now. But no need to inflate your resume by plugging unnecessary sections and topics.

Simple objective

Use a simple objective that you can tell and relate to. Most of the freshers copy it from others or peers and hence they are not familiar with what they are writing. So, make sure to take guidance from others and sample resumes but put your own words. You should be able to tell the objective of your resume

Readable resume

Make sure your resume is readable. Cut down on unnecessary designs, fonts and stylings. The hiring managers are not amused by the complications of your resume. Such complications make it more difficult to read and consume the information

Marks & Grades list

Marks & grades list would be your greatest asset as a fresher, as this is one of the major achievements you can have. So, put up your marks on page 1. Use a clear format to outline your marks. Use it in reverse chronological order. Mention you latest education first and then next ones. In case your marks are not that great, do not worry, only think of how you can turn it to your advantage! We will explain that in details in another post. But, there is no escaping from putting out your education details since as a fresher you will be asked for it. The more you try to escape it, the more suspicious it will become. No one wants to hire a person until they have full trust in them


While many of you may not have a very strong skill with you. But you can always mention the usual skills you have used during your studies and projects. MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access can be the first areas of your expertise. Apart from these, if you are good at programming, website building, blogging, photography, video editing, then you can use these areas to derive your special skills. Even if at times these may not be directly relevant for the job but shows you are a good learner and also very much adept with new technologies and trends, which very important these days in any job


Mention the major projects you have done during your college days. If you do not have a significant list of projects, please put the projects section in page 2. Mention at least the academic projects you had done. Include a brief description of your project. Make sure to be thorough in your project, because chances are the hiring manager will ask about your role in the project. They will check for your contribution in the project. We will include this tip in another article on interview tips.

Personal information

You should put your personal information on page 2. This can be at the end of page 2. Personal information can help you build a story of your life and can be a good conversation catalyst. For example, if you originally belong to a hill town, it might be an interesting story. How you have come to the cities to pursue a career. How you were brought amidst nature and its beauty.

The above information will help you to understand what will help you to build your first resume as a fresher, importance of each section and how you can place them to your advantage. You need not copy and paste from your peers any more.

While you can always take guidance from others but in the end, your resume is yours; your story is yours!

Go for it and kill it! All the best!

Below is a link of formatting of resume with free templates from MS word